Why shop print on demand products? Discovering unique exceptional POD merchandise!

Why shop print on demand products? Discovering unique exceptional POD merchandise!

What is Print-on-demand (POD) ?

     Using print on demand networking lets product designers offer a unique, one of a kind product design that is printed when an order is received, allowing sales of singular or smaller quantities.

   Embracing this type of product manufacturing and distribution creates an opportunity to supply customers with premium merchandise, combined with structured dependable delivery in a reasonable time frame.

    Over the years print on demand has grown dramatically, using the latest technology to bring some amazing designs to everyday products!

Why purchase print-on-demand (POD) products?

   Some shoppers might find the slightly higher price tag of some POD products disappointing.  Cruising the never ending pages of products on Amazon/Ebay, while filtering the lowest price on the product desired, has created a discount focused purchasing approach. 

     If consumers are looking for a Walmart discount special type of product, then shoppers will probably skip POD products based on price alone, if shoppers are looking for unique designed products that not many others have with a slightly higher price tag, POD merchandise stores might get a special frequently used page bookmark. 

 - PRO's Vs CON's Purchasing Print on Demand Merchandise.


  • Slightly higher prices due to smaller volumes of orders.
  • Some designers do not upload High Quality Designs, this creates sub par products. Follow stores and designers that use high quality mock up photos.
  • Custom designs can have printing issues, poor alignment, product does not look like mock ups, color issues, etc. Make sure to purchase from a store with social media like Facebook, and Instagram,  which can help get quick service . If any of these issues arise. Generally small stores are very happy to help, and have better customer service than the larger stores.  The higher price you pay for the product in my opinion, is for this small business hands on customer service.
  • Longer shipping times due to manufacturing on demand. (Generally 2 weeks made in and shipped from the USA or International depending on manufacturer.)


  •  Unique, One of a kind, custom designed products.
  • Generally good customer service. ( Many suppliers and designers are part of the POD networking groups on social media)
  • Supporting small business and entrepreneurs offering customers variety outside the big box corporations.
  • Many stores welcome feedback on social media.
  • Some stores similar to AsianCoastline.com will work with customers on designs for customized merchandise sales and marketing. 

      Easily shop for unique exceptional products at AsianCoastline.com

Any Questions or Concerns about our products please leave a comment  below, or visit our website and click the messenger app icon for customer service.


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