Customer Service! How can I help you?

Customer Service! How can I help you?
 by AsianCoastline Services

Never worry about finding exceptional Products!

✔️Incorporated Product Advertising, Designing, & Drop shipping Company Est.2018 in Alberta, Canada. GST# 769936311 RT0001

✔️Free Shipping ( Expect Generally 2 - 4 Week delivery ) 

✔️Secured Checkout Hosted by Shopify

✔️Shipped from USA & China Warehouses

✔️Verified Suppliers - Successfully processed 1,000+ orders.

✔️Consistently meet delivery expectations shipping 95% of orders on time.

 About Us:


Our goal is to bring our customers a variety of unique quality products!



   Our daily priority at AsianCoastline is to provide our customers with a hassle free shopping experience, while offering unique designed, premium quality products that are conveniently and affordably drop shipped to our customers mailing address.  



  Asiancoastline Services Inc. Established in Alberta, Canada in 2018 as a Online Sales and marketing business, focused mainly on sourcing unique drop shipping products, advertising them, and offering those products to customers around the world.

  This store is mostly focused on print on demand (POD) products that are designed at Asiancoastline. These products are more expensive than average to produce, with longer shipping times due to being produced on order.

  • What is Print-on-demand (POD) ?

         Using print on demand lets product designers offer a unique, one of a kind, customized product that is not offered anywhere else, custom designed products are not produced until we receive your order, allowing sales of singular or smaller quantities. POD products are custom printed products and produced on order, these products take up to 7-10 days to be fabricated by the supplier.

  Why should you buy POD products? 

  If you are looking for a consistent quality, unique design, one of a kind products, then you have come to the right place. Purchasing a POD product is similar to purchasing ART.  If you don't mind paying a bit more, and patiently waiting for your unique product to arrive, then you have no worries, pick something you find that is your style, and purchase it. 

 If you have any problems making a purchase, please leave a message in the messenger when visiting the store and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

  Please subscribe to the newsletter with your email, or create a free account.

  Customers will receive discount codes in their email, as well as chances to win free products during giveaways.

  All orders come with tracking numbers once they are produced and shipped, please wait up to 7 days for item to be produced and shipped. Your tracking number will arrive soon after shipping in the email provided at checkout.

   If you would like your LOGO, Photo or Design on CUSTOM products free of charge please contact on Facebook.

 Thank you for shopping at Asiancoastline Services Inc.

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