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 About Us:


   We are a small Canadian based online advertising & sales company that is dedicated to sourcing unique products not easily found locally, into a trustworthy, Online Store that is easily accessible by our customers. 

  Our unique fast moving products from around the 🌍world, sourced by our staff and delivered to our customer using a  drop ship networking partnership. Our goal is to bring our customers a variety of unique new products, from suppliers & clients found local and international.

   Our trending product catalogs will grow with new items daily, while also purging products as they are sold out around the world. Some trending products will have limited quantities so we suggest if you like an item and the price, please purchase it while it is available.


   Our daily priority at AsianCoastline is to provide our customers with a hassle free shopping experience, while providing unique, premium hand picked products that are conveniently and affordably drop shipped to our customers mailing address.  

( Please contact us on the form below if you are looking for any specific products not in our catalogs. We could possibly be able to source products for you at a reasonable price. We will return your request as soon as possible. 


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